Texila Hosts its Third Scientific International e-Conference 2016

With the grant success of First & Second e-Conferences, Texila has now launched the Third Scientific International e-Conference under the Theme: “THE POWER OF ACADEMIC RESEARCH FOR INNOVATION IN PRACTICE & POLICY”. The Official website www.texilaconference.org was launched on 17th June 2016.

Scientific Conferences allow you to present your most up-to-date researches in your chosen area of interest. Traditional Scientific Conferences paves way for researchers to present their research paper to a limited community. Today, “e-Conference” is gaining momentum for a unique reason of being 100% online and research papers getting broader exposure, greater visibility & Expert assessment across the globe.

big returns

Attending Conferences Online offer a myriad of opportunities to a young researcher. Additionally, opportunity to participate in Live Presentations and Open Forum Discussions is an added advantage for the participants as it renders a great chance to compete with the International Researchers being in your residence.

Research papers are invited for the Third Scientific International e-Conference from researchers across the world.                          

Interested to be a part of International e-Conference?

Step into the World of Recognition with Your Research in Different Fields

Excited of publishing your research?? Take up the opportunity to get your research recognized world-wide. Fame is a Click Away From You!

Scholars or PhD students can submit their Research papers related to Business Management and can participate in the International Scientific conference & avail good awards and certificates of recognition. The research papers may include the article reviews, case studies or any other researches done for the Doctoral degree.


Abstracting and indexing information is often prominent for the relevant research papers. Many deans also value the prestige associated with publishing in journals with Impact Factors, because it helps them compare scholars from multiple disciplines.

It’s a top gearing opportunity for the researchers’ world wide as the participants from over 25 countries have registered for the event to make it a great success and to get advanced in the field of their research. As of now, the participants are from different countries that include Afghanistan, Nepal, USA, India, Indonesia, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Cameroon and a lot more.

All the accepted research papers will be published in the International Journals for free. . The best papers will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Eminent Tutors are appointed for evaluating the research papers of the global researchers. It would also pave way for the students or the researchers to complete with the international participants.

For the Registration and more details on the e-conference, please visit the website http://www.texilaconference.org/

Top Up Your Research in Psychology with 2nd Scientific Econference 2015

The Second Scientific International E conference would prefer the researchers or the scholars to publish their researches in the field of Behavioral Science that include Psychology Programs.

Organized by Texila American University, it is one of the milestones concerned with the Research Field and requires more attention in getting the papers published.

teenage girl suffering with depression in a conversation with a therapist

Texila American University (TAU), Guyana, presents the Second International conference that would allow different researchers in relevant fields to participate from any corner of the world!!

The selected researches will be published in the International Research Journals that would increase the fame of the researchers. Different Awards and Certifications will also be provided to the researchers.

Bring up Your New concepts and theories in your opted field of Behavioral Science that would bring Positive, Social, Economic, Intellectual Change and growth.

The participants would get an opportunity to interact with research scholars from all over the world.

Refer the website for more details: http://www.texilaconference.org

Research Oriented Nursing Papers are invited for Texila 2nd E-conference

The research-oriented Nursing papers are invited for the Second International Scientific E-Conference that is expected to be held in November 2015. The research papers that submitted will be evaluated by the group of eminent judges.

Nursing is a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. It refers to the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations.

Nursing papers

Participants can win Gold, Silver, and Bronze award for the best shortlisted papers an award for the outstanding research paper. One of the added advantages for the students who have submitted theresearch papers is that all the research papers will be published in the South American Journals so that the research papers would get fame.

The sub topics included for the Research based Nursing papers include the following:

  • Clinical Guidelines
  • Health Care
  • Medical Science
  • Nursing Education
  • Nursing Practice
  • Nursing Research
  • Patient Care

Texila is pleased to invite the researchers’ world-wide for the Second International Scientific conference. The E-conference is a cost-effective way to attend an International Conference. All the accepted papers will be published in South American Journal for Free.

Call for Paper Submission- 02nd June, 2015

Last Date for Abstract/Full Paper Submission 15th September, 2015

For more Information: http://www.texilaconference.org/

Stand out from the crowd with your research in Public Health

Texila eConference brings to you the relevant fame you wish to achieve for our Research via the International Scientific E-Conference!

Public health is the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals. With our roots in the basic sciences, we are able to confront the most pressing diseases of the time—AIDS, cancer, and heart disease—by adding to our knowledge of the biological, chemical, genetic, and societal forces underlying disease.

Public Health Research

Shaping new ideas in our field and communicating them effectively will continue to be priorities in the years ahead as we serve society’s changing health needs.

Researches can browse for the topics for Research Papers and can Excel in the Multidisciplinary research with your researches in Ayurveda as a Public Health approach with the following subtopics:

  • Epidemiology,
  • Hygiene,
  • Health Education,
  • Environmental Health,
  • Occupational Health,
  • Health Policy,
  • Hospital Management,
  • Health Economics,
  • Law and Ethics,
  • Community Medicine,
  • Environmental Hazards,
  • Public Health Laws,
  • Social determinants of Health,
  • Biostatistics

An outstanding opportunity to bring out your research in relevant as it will be published in the International Medical Journals for free.

For more Information: http://www.texilaconference.org/call-for-papers.html

Interested to Participate in E-Conference to Publish Your Research?

If you are a Researcher or a Scholar with relevant degree and interested in participating in E-conference, then Texila’s Second International Scientific eConference is the right choice for you!!!

E-Conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas, applications, experiences, documents data, listening to presentations and participating in group discussions through an open forum to establish research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration.

Scientific research

Experts from all over the world are expected to attend without physically needing to be there.

Register to participate in the e conference and submit your papers that can either be the Researcher related to some subjects or Article Reviews or any other Case Studies related to the relevant field.

The papers will be evaluated by the eminent panel of judges in the relevant stream. Fame is just at a click away from You!!!

The shortlisted papers will be published in the International Journals for free.

Hurry Up! The last date for the submission of the research papers is August 30th 2015.

For more Information: http://www.texilaconference.org/

Kick start your research in the field of Education and get benefitted! Step into the next level of advancing your research through e conference.

Become a part of Texila Conference and open your route to recognition. Submit your research in different fields & the accepted researches will be published in the International Journals for free!!!


Texila presents you an outstanding opportunity to reveal your research in the relevant fields that include:

1. Public Health
2. Clinical Research
3. Nursing
4. Psychology
5. Management
6. Information Technology
7. Political Sciences
8. Education
9. Theology
10. Social Work
11. Medicine
12. Health Science
13. Energy
14. Computer Science
15. Economics
16. Engineering and Technology
17. Agriculture and Biotechnology
18. Information Science and Librarianship
19. Law
20. Mathematics and Statistics

We can Assist You! Procure Your Researches to Next Level through the E conference. Register in the website and start participating.

Publication of the Researches in International Journals for Free

Registration Fees of 49 USD Apply.