E-Conference on Education Research Papers

Scholars or researchers can submit their research papers related to Education to participate in the First International Scientific Econference. The subtopics for the same are as follows:
•    Adult Education Leadership
•    Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
•    Early Childhood Education
•    Global and Comparative Education
•    Higher Education
•    Leadership in Education
•    Innovation in Learning & Instruction
•    Special Education
•    Language, Literacy and culture
•    Teaching and Teacher education
•    Mathematics  and Science education
•    Learning and teaching
•    Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education Specialization
•    Social Sciences, Humanities and interdisciplinary policy studies in Education


Advantages to the participants:

  • Certificate of Participation will be provided for all the participants
  • The shortlisted research papers would be published in the International E journals like South American Journals, etc for free
  • Added advantage for the students

Source: http://texilae-conference.blogspot.in/2014/10/e-conference-on-education-research.html


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