Are You Interested to Participate in the E-Conference?

If you are a Researcher or a Scholar with relevant degree and interested in participating in an E-conference, then this is the right choice for you!!!

Texila Conference is the First International Scientific E conference organized by the Texila American University, Guyana. Researchers with any research works related to the subjects mentioned in the website can participate in the e conference from any part of the world.

Register to participate in the e conference and submit your papers that can either be the Researcher related to some subjects or Article Reviews or any other Case Studies related to the relevant field.

Interested to Participate

Fame is just at a click away from You!!!

The shortlisted papers will be published in the International Journals for free.

Hurry Up! The last date for the submission of the research papers is December 31st 2014.

The objective of the E-conference is to:

  • Provide a platform for all the scientists/students to disseminate their emerging research to investigators globally
  • Provide a platform for a global dialogue on emerging research in multiple disciplines
  • For the Registration and more details on the e-conference, please visit the website

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