How to Write Up Your Research Plan?

Lots of people seek research funds. Why is your project important, even for those who are more interested in other projects?

– Your ideas must be your own and they must have substance.
– To be convincing you need to tell a specific, detailed and authoritative story. Don’t just say you want to eradicate world hunger, for example, but identify a particular focus such as the development of non-toxic pest and disease management strategies in order to encourage local, organic farming. Provide evidence to remind your reader why this issue is important for everybody, not just academics, and why it needs attention now.

What you want to inspire is a solid, believable vision of the wide-reaching impact of your research. Be careful however, as unsubstantiated hype will damage your credibility. Write well, but rely on the persuasive power of logic and evidence.
Research Plan
– Include a clear and concise overview summary at the start to help orientate your reader.
– Focus on the project rather than yourself
– If you can’t write well get an editor.
– You must avoid obvious mistakes like typing errors.
– Your layout must be clear and include appealing images.

– Gain feedback from colleagues to ensure that both your goals and your methodology are achievable.
– Your ability to achieve these goals will be more convincing if you can also show that you already have some authority in the field. Beyond publications and some independence in your research track record this includes knowledge of the current state of the field and the inclusion of preliminary data that supports your thesis.
– Show that you have all bases covered by including alternative, back up approaches that you can call upon if your research fails to achieve the results that you expect.

Your plan will need to be at least 3 pages long, including references. Some disciplines recommend longer, up to 12 pages if you include related sub-proposals for alternate research strategies. Research your disciplinary requirements and tailor your proposal accordingly.



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