Clinical Research Papers are invited for the E-conference

Clinical research papers are invited for the Second Scientific International E-Conference with the theme: “RESEARCH, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION: THE BEDROCK FOR GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT”. Eminent judges are formed to validate the research papers on the criteria.


Clinical Research is a branch of Medical Science that determines the Safety and Effectiveness of Medications, Devices, Diagnostic Products and Treatment Regimens intended for human use. It refers to the entire biography of a drug from its discovery to the introduction to the consumer market and beyond.

Participants have the chances to win Gold, Silver and Bronze award for best research papers and also an award in the name of an eminent personality for the outstanding research paper. All accepted papers will be published in South American Journals.

The sub topics included for the Clinical Research papers include the following:

• Clinical Trials,
• Clinical Data Management,
• Drug Discovery,
• Drug Development,
• Clinical Pharmacology,
• Pharmacodynamics,
• Pharmacometrics,
• Epidemiology,
• Pharmacovigilance,
• Quality Control,
• Quality Assurance,
• International Regulatory,
• Validation Techniques,
• Industrial Pharmacy,
• Biotechnology,
• Bioinformatics,
• Toxicology,
• Clinical Pharmacy,
• Pharmacy Practice,
• Pharmaceutical Engineering
• Synthetic Chemistry and
• Chiral Chemistry

Texila is pleased to invite the researchers’ world-wide for the Second International Multi-disciplinary Scientific E-conference. The E-conference is a cost-effective way to attend an International Conference. All the accepted papers will be published in our E-International Journal of Academic and Scientific Research (EIJASR).


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